You will see your Heroes flying around the following tracks:

Tiffin High School Meet #1 12/03/2017
Armory Youth Holiday Classic 12/17/2017
TSTCA Meet #1 01/06/2018
Scholastic Meet #1 1/12/2018
TSTCA Meet #2 1/13/2018
Tiffin High School Meet #2 1/21/2018
TSTCA Meet #3 1/27/2018
SPIRE Scholastic Showcase 2/11/2018
TSTCA Championships 2/17/2018
Armory Youth Championships 2/19/2018

Note, there are 1-2 meets that will be “to be determined”, based on athlete health, performance, and naturally- academic courseload.

Stay tuned for additional details.



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