As we head into the 2018-2019 season, I have a couple of items to address.

Indoor Training Relocation:
While our 2017-2018 training location worked well, the distance was a big issue for our athletes. For me as well. With that being said, we are spending our 2018-2019 training indoors at the Greentree Sportsplex. This will mainly affect thoseĀ  running sprints and hurdles. Middle and long distance runners will continue their training outdoors, unless inclement weather demands that we go inside.

Coaches Wanted:
The goal of Heroes Track Club is to grow the club into one of the renowned clubs in Pennsylvania from youth to adults. I also want to have a semi-pro division of Heroes Track Club. In order to reach those goals, I cannot run this operation myself. If you know a coach or two looking for a club to get involved, please send them my direction.

Indoor and Outdoor Schedule Coming Soon:
I am trying to finish the indoor schedule as fast as I can. It look like that the club’s first meet will be that first weekend in December at Tiffin. Once the schedule is done, like last year, I’ll post it.

New Store for Heroes Track and Field:
New items! Heroes Track Club can have the freshest uniforms, fitted by Under Armour, Adidas, Nike and more. See the new store for the club.

That is it for now. Membership pricing and the 2019 Handbook will be out and available before December.




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